It is the very thing that gives our life meaning. Without death, our own lives would seem less precious, we would take them for granted even more than we do now. We think about death all the time, or we never think about it at all, but either way it frightens and terrifies us. There is no escaping it. You can either accept it honestly or be tormented by it until it comes.

Death is a regular player in my stories. The End is a story about a young woman who meets an older farmer a few days before a comet hits the earth, and the time they spend knowing their lives are soon to end. Madre Sombra is the tale of a brother struggling with his sibling’s death at the hands of a demonic entity. The Grove, Slow Hammer and Earthquake Song all involve suicides. Sign of the Raven and Dragon both involve fatal car accidents.

As a horror writer, it is the core of what you are writing about. The story could be about rats, groceries, or bubble gum, but if you write horror, it’s all going to revolve around a star of demise.

I am afraid to die. So I write about it.