Day two goals

Okay, so I was only able to meet one of the day’s goals yesterday, but it was the most important one. Despite not being able to get it all done (keeping in mind that I am at home with two kids while my fiance works full-time), I have decided that each and every day I will do the same thing – display my goals for the day and then post updates as I meet or fail at these goals. I believe this will help me stay on task, knowing that it is all out there for all to see.

So, today’s goals:

New fiction: five pages

Editing: five pages

Re-formatting: five pages (instead of yesterday’s ten.)

Update: Okay, once again I only got the five new pages of fiction done, but I am also giving myself a break considering that I am taking care of two little ones and trying to maintain a house at the same time. Nevertheless, with more discipline and less internet distraction I would be able to accomplish it all.