Day five

So today I am going to strictly focus on writing ‘Madre Sombra’. I have already started writing this morning, and have completed a page and a half. My goal today, then, is to write ten pages of it, which ought to put me pretty close to finishing this story, which might be something of a record for me. Usually it takes a week or two to complete a story. Regardless, it is extremely gratifying to be writing like this again. I have had many times in my life where I write on this kind of pace, I am capable of writing this much and sustaining it, but what I have never been able to do is to sustain it permanently. Usually it last for six or seven months, I write ten or twelve stories and then I inexplicably stop. My long-term goal is to make this a lifelong habit. I have so many story ideas, most of which are written down in my ‘little black book’, and when I get writing a lot, more and more stories come to the surface, so if I am able to keep this going, I have no doubt about my ability to continually come up with new plots and ideas.

For today, however, the focus is ten pages. 8.5 to go!

Updated: I managed to write 7 pages, not 10, but still pleased with the progress.