Day Six


Well, I just keep plugging away at this story. Wrote my five pages again today. I would have liked to written more, but at this point I am pleased that I am at least being consistent and focused enough to get back on track. Madre Sombra is up to 36 pages now, and it would seem that I have about five to ten more pages to write and it will be done. So yeah, I could be doing more, but at least I am getting this done, so I have to cut myself a little slack. This is a process. Over time I will add more to the daily load, but for now this is great, I almost have a new story written and I am already preparing to start another new one after this.

I also dug out the story ‘Dragon’, that I wrote a long time ago, and have been intermittently editing/re-writing (really, I am mostly just taking it from typewritten form and typing it into Word.) Tomorrow I will (hopefully) add that to my goals. Really, though, what I most need to be doing is editing ‘Sign of the Raven’ (a story I have already written and that will be the next story to upload to Smashwords.) So, if I have time, that too will be another task for tomorrow (and the rest of this week for that matter.)

Well, I will check back tomorrow!