Day Six

Well another day, more writing to be done, a few more tasks to be added to the work load. I now wake up thinking about writing, and wanting to get right to it. I am pleased to feel my shifted mindset. I have been in this mode before, and it always is kind of a rush to get this productive. Good things tend to happen when I am this focused, but as I said in an earlier post, my goal now is not just to produce for six months or even a year, but to make this a permanent state, to really think of this as a job and not just some interesting thing that I do here and there.

Something that I just thought of and need to write about: None of this would be possible without the support of my fantastic girlfriend/fiance. B. is simply amazing. She is off working forty hours a week while I stay home with the kids and write. Not very many people are able to get that kind of support, and I am so thankful that she is allowing me to pursue my dream.

I believe in my writing ability. Sometimes I lose faith, but then, who doesn’t from time to time? Being in the journalism program at my college really helps to reinforce my confidence. I remember a time last year when I was thinking that I was fooling myself about my writing ability, but then my adviser showed me that with some of my earliest articles I had actually gotten a couple of perfect scores on them, something that had rarely been achieved in the entire history of the school paper. That helped.

I still have a long way to go to become the writer that I know I can be, but like anything else, it takes practice and effort to achieve mastery, and I doubt I will ever be satisfied, no matter how successful I become. I don’t want to ever rest on my laurels and think that I have ‘arrived’.

So, off to work!

Update: Did my five pages. Madre Sombra is now up to 41 pages. It also is going in directions I was not expecting. Funny how stories do that sometimes.