Day Seven

Feeling unmotivated today. I have been having a difficult time feeling awake after I get out of bed. I don’t know if it is because I have (mostly) given up caffeine, but I am so groggy in the mornings these days. Nevertheless, I am certain I will get to work in short order.

Madre Sombra is almost complete. After I am done with that story, the next will probably be one of three stories that has been on my mind to write lately: The Cold Room, The Grove or The Long Journey of CX21. Or something else. I have over one hundred story ideas written down in my little black book, with about 15 of them already written, so that leaves quite a few to write

We are planning on moving sometime in the next couple of years, and in part my motivation to get more focused and dedicated to my writing is the desire to buy land in the desert of the southwest (and eventually to buy a summer home here in Oregon.) Whenever I am feeling lazy, I remind myself of where we want to get to. I have this image of my life, and I want so badly to reach this place where I am working as a writer (and loving it), having enough income to always be able to pay for food, gas and bills, enough money to allow us to travel and to own our own property. I want to be comfortable in my life. I don’t have extravagant wants, just a nice place and the time and money to live my life – climbing mountains, running rivers, hiking, canyoneering, travel. I don’t need a Ferrari or a Picasso.

I do feel — and I hope this doesn’t come across as arrogant or cocky, but I have always felt that my work is original, well-written and intriguing, and I believe that there will be a point where it will sell really well. I have never really pursued a writing career as I am now, I wrote many stories without sending a single one to a publisher to consider. I did actually sell a poem once, but never got to see it in print, which is kind of sad. I think part of what helped to change that is submitting several stories to the local paper, not one of which was rejected. The last one I published was a two-parter on my trip to climb the Grand Teton, and both parts took up a page and half, with my pictures blown up as well.

Being in the journalism program at school was also a great help in making me realize that I can do this. Having a supportive crew of fellow writers, photographers and graphic designers really encouraged me and elevated my confidence.

Well, enough writing here, I am off to work on some stories. Cheers.

Update: It was another grind-it out kind of day but at the end I was going pretty well. Ended up writing another 5.5 pages, and Madre Sombra is now up to 47 pages and over 13,000 words.