Day Nine

Finished. Done. Complete. Ahhh, those are words I like to say, and it is with great pleasure that I can say I have finished writing my newest short story, Madre Sombra. I actually only wrote a couple of pages yesterday and did not get my five pages in, but today I made up for it, writing around six pages and wrapping up the tale. Just a rough draft, of course, but I am already thinking about changes I might need to make on it.

It really does feel good. I always have a sense of pride and enthusiasm after I finish a story. It makes me want to jump right into the next one. I am actually not certain which story I will write next, I know my instinct will guide me sometime in the next few hours which one I really want to pursue. I will look over my little book tonight and see which one really sounds interesting.

Now I need to have this same level of enthusiasm for editing. It is harder for me to edit than to write a new story. It’s just so boring. I am getting better about enjoying it, but I have a long way to go. I already have seven or eight already-written stories that need to be edited, plus five or six more that were written years ago on a typewriter and need to be updated and transcribed into Word. I have a lot of material that needs editing, so even though I am going to continue to write my five ‘new’ pages of fiction every day, I need to provide an equal amount of focus into improving all the first- and second-draft stories.

Well, it is time to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony, so until tomorrow…