Day Ten: Time to start a new story

Well, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to write today. I drove to Eugene to watch my 11-year old daughter’s performance at the end of her 2-week acting camp. We then ran a few errands and then came home, but we didn’t get back until 3-something, and then I went swimming for a nice long time and ended up finding a huge agate, plus several pocketfuls of other cool crystals and petrified wood. Now it is past seven and it is time to get flowing.

So what shall it be — The Grove, The Cold Room, or The long journey of CX21? I’ve got a story about a young man haunted by a sacred grove of trees he was led to as a boy, A story about a room in a hospital that succumbs to repeated demonic incursions, or a story about a steel cargo container with a deadly secret hiding inside of it. I am thinking that it will be either The Grove or The Cold Room. Probably The Grove.

Sounds like it is going to be The Grove.