Day Eleven (and Twelve)

I didn’t think I would be able to write this and say that I had completed my five pages yesterday, but thanks in part to my daughter having a mild allergic reaction to something she ate, I stayed up much later than I usually do, and this allowed me to write while she recovered. So, I got my five pages done and the story is now up to 9 pages.

This week I am going to add some more to my plate. I am going to attempt to write daily on each of my blogs, a not-inconsiderable amount of work. In addition to this blog, I also have a blog on politics, one about our life on the river, an adventure blog (primarily focused on climbing), and a pretty-much defunct erotica blog (which I will probably discontinue.) I have been thinking of some new things to write about that will give me material on a daily basis, now I just have to dedicate myself to doing it every single day, certainly at least until school begins in the fall. After that, all bets are off – except for fiction, which I will continue to do no matter what my workload is.

So today’s goals are as follows:

1. Write 5 pages of fiction

2. Write on each of my blogs: adventure, river life, and politics (obviously this one is already off that list)

3. Enter at least five pages from ‘Dragon’ into Word format.

Sounds like a good day if I can get it all done.

Update: I have now completed my adventure blog, but I also want to add one more goal to this list:

4. Start on-line journalism lessons at Poynter News University.

Update: I did two pages of new fiction, 2.5 pages of transcribing (and editing) ‘Dragon’, I wrote on all four of my blogs, and started the on-line course at Poynter. Not too bad. I will do better tomorrow.