Starting over (again)

I have been a naughty writer. Obviously, I haven’t been blogging, but that is due to financial issues and not having internet service for four days, but worse than that, I have not been working on my fiction at all. Pure laziness. Actually, it isn’t just laziness (mostly it is), but also, I get this weird resistance to doing the work. I let one day slip by and then the next I have this big barrier that seems pretty stubborn to get past. Argh. I don’t know. I guess that is just part of being a writer. So, here I am, confessing my crimes, hoping that by making this public and revealing the lack of work and effort I have put into my fiction, I will shame myself into getting motivated and busy again. It does actually seem to work with me.

Well, luckily, life has plenty of opportunities for do-overs and restarts, and that is what I am facing now: A new opportunity to right the ship so to speak and get a new story done.

Cheers. I hope I have better news to report tomorrow.

Update: I did write my five pages of fiction and ‘The Grove’ is now up to 17 pages.