Getting in the groove.

Winged Victory

The funny thing is that I was not going to write that as my title tonight. No, I wasn’t going to write at all tonight, I had had a busy day and it was already past midnight, so I thought I was going to blog about how I didn’t write today, but that I would work hard on it tomorrow. But, I kept telling myself, just sit down and write a little bit of the story, just to say that I done something on it today-ish.

Then a funny thing happened. I got really inspired and wrote like I haven’t written in a long time, totally in the groove, mindless, the cliched-but true in the zone. Literally, I got into one of those zen-like states where all thought drops away and you become a pure writing animal, just flowing and creating, fully immersed in the story. Now, I have been in those states before, but it has been a little while since I have done it. So boom! Five pages got done, and it is the best stuff I have written in a long time, I think.

Yeah, inspiration comes in funny places. I guess that is why we have to keep doing it, plugging away, even when we don’t feel like it, because if you do, sometimes magic will occur.

It did tonight. Or, this morning, since it is now almost 2 a.m. my time.

Yay. I did it. It was awesome. Sessions like that are what make me love writing.