Returning to the world of writing

I cannot deny it – I am an overly sensitive person. Emotional issues get a hold of me and refuse to let go, and how this effects my overall life, and my ability to be creative, is to make me shut down for a while. Which means that for the last month, ever since I had a spat with my eldest daughter, I haven’t been writing much.

I just have to get over things. At my age, I don’t have endless amounts of time to constantly get off track. I want to print one of my favorite sayings, this one from the Buddha, above my little corner desk: “The problem is, you think you have time.” I am getting better about it, but the fact is I have a long way to go.

I have been doing some work on my writing, namely, creating an outline for a book I am going to start working on soon – Black Wave. I didn’t realize that a novel was going to make itself ready to write, but I have been finding myself really obsessed lately with the Japanese tsunami of 2011, and this obsession has spurred a wave of creative energy. So far I have outline something like 14 chapters, and it looks like the book will end up being about twenty chapters or long, which means I will soon be able to start working on it.

But first – The Grove needs to be completed. At thirty-five pages in length, it will probably end up being fifty pages long, and I could have it done in three days of writing five pages each. Today’s goal, besides writing on each of my blogs, is to write those five important daily pages of fiction. I will be check back in tonight to recount the day’s activities.