Pushing Through

Kind of a blugh day. Woke up too early, had a frazzling sort of day with my sixteen-month old baby girl, I didn’t eat (in fact, it is now almost seven pm and the only food I have had today is three cups of tea and a small handful of wild blackberries) so I have been having bad blood pressure drops and I am also just kind of out of it. Not much motivation.

I will get my five pages done tonight, though. I have already written a few paragraphs despite feeling yucky.

I said yesterday that this story is moving in directions I never expected, but then, this is a fairly common occurrence with any story I write. In fact, I doubt I have ever written a story that stayed mostly the same from beginning to end. The Grove is doing what is only natural, especially if you believe that we, as writers, are merely instruments for the story. I believe that. I have felt the creative energy of the Universe flowing through me so strongly that it was as if I wasn’t doing much of anything at all. And what a feeling that is.

So, I guess I will be writing the ‘Black Wave’ novel after The Grove is finished, which will probably be in the next few days. It’s nice feeling like I am ready for it. It doesn’t feel like anything but writing a really big story. I have written a novel once before, when I was in my early twenties. It was a terrible book but it felt great to actually write the damned thing. It took me two and a half months, and it was 200+ pages when it was done. I was really disciplined about it too, not letting myself do anything fun after work until I had written my pages for the day. Having that experience will really help me in this process, I’m sure.

Well, I will do my usual check-in after I write my pages. Cheers.