Figuring things out.

I got a little writing done yesterday, but not as much as I would have liked. Nevertheless, I do believe I understand why I am having a hard time getting my five pages done each night.

The key term is ‘each night’.

I tend, like many writers do, to be a procrastinator. I put it off (with good intentions, of course) until late at night when mi familia has gone to bed. Sometimes I still get it done, but the fact is, am tired by that point, so if my motivation is high, I can still follow through but if it is not, I’m screwed.

Answer: Write earlier.

If I do write earlier, I am, in fact, going to easily write my five pages, if not more.

Julia takes a nap every day. I could be writing then. I could be writing when Brook and Ryan come home and I am released from being Julia’s sole observer. I could be writing at a variety of times during the day when I am much more likely to be productive.

Sounds like I know what to do.