Black Wave begins

Black Wave has as its basis the Japanese Tsunami of 2011

It just had to be written. For the last several days I kept hearing this phrase from the main character in my book, and I knew it would be the opening lines to Black Wave. So, even though I am currently writing the story ‘The Grove’, I had to begin the book. I wrote a page, but then I got to a point where I needed to do some research for that opening scene, so I stopped, but it is still nice to feel like this novel is impelling me to write it. It’s gonna be good!

Feeling like a writer again. Feeling dedicated and somewhat obsessed with writing now, which is a good thing.

Today might be a slightly more difficult day to get as much writing done as normal, because I am driving to Eugene to get my daughter for the weekend, and that ends up being about a four hour drive (round trip.) Throw in a short hike up Spencer’s Butte and we are looking at getting home sometime around six or seven tonight. We shall see. I am going to do my best to get five more pages done on ‘The Grove’, but unfortunately it will have to be later tonight, something I am trying to avoid. But, sometimes that’s how it ends up. I have to push through, no matter what.

Well, cheery-o to you all and have a great day.