A New Day

Untitled, copyright (c) 2012 Baracoder using a Creative Commons license.

Untitled, copyright (c) 2012 Baracoder using a Creative Commons license.

I decided over the weekend — after first discovering the Google Calendar feature — that I would try working with a schedule, something that I have always wanted to do, but have never been able to pull off. I was going to try and do it yesterday, but then a very sad thing happened in my life, so I ended up not even trying.

But today is a new day, so I am going to make a go of it starting — now.

So far, so good. I wanted to wake up at six, but ended up getting up at six-thirty instead. Okay, not so bad.

Here is what I am going to attempt to get done today:

From 8-10 I am going to work on a new story. That also assumes my baby girl sleeps as long as she normally does, but that girl is a sleeper, so I think I should get in a decent amount of work. It’s good. I need to keep adding to my story collection.

From 10-12 I will wake up my daughter, if she isn’t up yet, fix her breakfast and clean the house.

From 12-2 I will work on editing ‘The Boy Who Drew Monsters’.

From 2-3 I will work on a sports article I am working on.

Then, from 3 until 5 I will have a free period that also involves not being on the computer. No PC at all.

From 5-6 I will resume work on whatever new story I am writing

From 6-7 I will take another break for dinner/family time (I am fasting right now so dinner time is not a fun time for me.)

Then, finally, from 8-9 I will do a final hour of editing.

My goal after that is to be asleep by 10.

Then the whole thing starts over again the next day. Of course, all of this isn’t set in stone. I am just going to feel my way through the whole thing, making adjustments as I go along. I know it will look different in a week. I will probably have to make the biggest adjustments to the evening schedule when my family is home. Nevertheless, I hope I can stick to it.

Wish me luck!