The Schedule: Part II

The inspiring view of the river from where i write.

The inspiring view of the river from where i write.

Well, I did pretty good yesterday. It didn’t go exactly how I planned, but I got a lot done and got a new story started. I guess the biggest thing that went different was the fact that instead of cleaning for one hour, I cleaned for four. However, the house really needed it and I certainly find that I am much more productive in a clean house as opposed to a messy one. That meant that I did a lot less editing yesterday, but that is alright, because now the house is clean and I can focus more on my writing now and less on the cleaning. In fact, now that I have the house pretty organized, I can stick to my schedule of only cleaning an hour a day. There was no way the house would have ever gotten cleaned if I only devoted an hour to it yesterday.

Already this morning I have written over a thousand more words, the story is up to 6 single-spaced pages, but most importantly, I am really getting into this tale. This is the third story I have written involving Victor Stone, my protagonist who happens to have Asperger’s Syndrome. I am really enjoying writing it so far. This story, ‘The Cold Room’, is one I have been wanting to write for a very long time, so it feels satisfying to really dive into it.

I will check back in later to give an update on my progress.