Work that schedule, baby!

Writing and looking out at the river

Writing and looking out at the river

I love the way things are going. This schedule is working out great. I haven’t been following it exactly like I had planned, but that is to be expected during the first week. I have a lot of different things going on, so I will have to make some adjustments, but all the same, my productivity is awesome right now.

‘The Cold Room’ is now up to 3200 words, 8 single-spaced pages. I really am enjoying writing another story about Victor Stone, my serial ¬†protagonist. In this story he is now 16 years old and working for the Julian Foundation, an ultra-secret government arm.

Now, I haven’t been able to edit quite as much as I would like — yet. I did do about five or six pages of ‘The Boy Who Drew Monsters’, and have now edited about 10 pages of it. Hopefully today I will do more.

I have also been working on a sports article for a website that I am volunteering for, and should be done with that today.

Life is good right now. I am very happy, and I feel like I am taking some really big steps to eventually being able to work — and get paid — as a writer. For now, it is all about the creativity, building a body of work that is exciting, intriguing, polished and professional. The money will come, of that I am sure. It just takes time.

I see that I have some new followers lately, which is really nice. I really appreciate having people interested in what I am pursuing, and so to all of you I say a wholehearted thanks! Hopefully there will be a time when all of you can say, ‘yep, I was there at the beginning, when this guy was just starting out.’

So cheers to you all!