Back to work

'Typewriter' copyright (c) 2012 500CPM using a Creative Commons license.

‘Typewriter’ copyright (c) 2012 500CPM using a Creative Commons license.

Obviously, a lot of us were deeply affected by the Sandyhook Elementary School shootings, and for me, it just made me not want to write or do much of anything. However, it is time for me to return to writing, even if I am still depressed, even if I still am thinking about what happened.

Today will be a light schedule for the most part. I went with my friend yesterday to help him get firewood for his family, and when I was setting  a log into the Subaru, my back went out. It was one of those moments where you know, as soon as you do it, that you have injured your back pretty bad. It took my breath away. So I will kind of take it easy, even while attempting to get some work done. Hopefully over the next few days I will resume writing more.

Anyway, hope all is well for all of you.

Update: I wrote another 1000 words on ‘The Cold Room’ and I have edited six more pages of “The Boy Who Drew Monsters.’ It has been a most productive day.

Update II: Put in another hour of work, transposing an older erotica story of mine, ‘Fury’ into a Word format.