Sleeping in

Snowy day on the river

Snowy day on the river

Not sure what happened this morning, maybe it was the overnight snowfall, maybe the late-night conversation with my eldest daughter, but I was absolutely zonked this morning and was unable to get up until almost 9. So, obviously, I am pretty behind schedule at this point. Not worried about it, though. I will get lots of writing done today. Just going to have to revise the schedule a bit.

That is something that I have been pleased with, is that I don’t seem to be getting too stressed out when the schedule doesn’t go exactly according to plan. I just adapt and make do.

Something I would like to address in this blog post is figuring out how to get folks to be interested in my stories. I have had several stories for sale on Smashwords (and other affiliate sites like Amazon), but I have only been able to sell 4 total stories, which is somewhat frustrating. I know it takes time, but I also know I am not utilizing social media and SEO techniques in the right way. I need help, and anyone who has any ideas should feel free to comment or send me a message. I really could use it.

This is all a process, I know. I believe in my stories, my writing and my unique ideas. It just takes time and persistence. As long as I keep plugging away at it, success will come, and will be so much more satisfying knowing how hard I had to work to achieve it.