An update

Yeah, it has been a while. With school starting up, I went from writing every day to…not so much. Things change, however, and I now find myself out of school and wondering what… Continue reading

The Grove at 50

Well, I can feel the end coming. ‘The Grove’ is at fifty pages, over 12,000 words, and nearing its exciting conclusion (in my opinion.) Obviously, I wrote my five pages today, plus one… Continue reading

Black Wave begins

It just had to be written. For the last several days I kept hearing this phrase from the main character in my book, and I knew it would be the opening lines to… Continue reading

Yet another update: The Grove

Okay, I did it today. I wrote when Julia was taking a nap, and got four pages done, then I wrote a final page just a minute ago. Now the story is up… Continue reading

Figuring things out.

I got a little writing done yesterday, but not as much as I would have liked. Nevertheless, I do believe I understand why I am having a hard time getting my five pages… Continue reading

Writing Tip #1

Just thought I would put some of the most valuable advice I have heard from other writers on here, and this first one is one of the most important: Do not, under any… Continue reading

Pushing Through

Kind of a blugh day. Woke up too early, had a frazzling sort of day with my sixteen-month old baby girl, I didn’t eat (in fact, it is now almost seven pm and… Continue reading

The Grove: An Update

I wrote four pages on The Grove today. I could have forced five, but I had come to a stopping point in the story and needed to figure out where I am going… Continue reading

Returning to the world of writing

I cannot deny it – I am an overly sensitive person. Emotional issues get a hold of me and refuse to let go, and how this effects my overall life, and my ability… Continue reading

Shame and humiliation

I’m not dead. I just got through some emotional stuff with my eldest child and it just sort of through me off my game plan. I ceased writing. The Grove is lying dormant,… Continue reading