Day Seven

Feeling unmotivated today. I have been having a difficult time feeling awake after I get out of bed. I don’t know if it is because I have (mostly) given up caffeine, but I… Continue reading

Day Six

Well another day, more writing to be done, a few more tasks to be added to the work load. I now wake up thinking about writing, and wanting to get right to it.… Continue reading

Day Six

  Well, I just keep plugging away at this story. Wrote my five pages again today. I would have liked to written more, but at this point I am pleased that I am… Continue reading

Day five

So today I am going to strictly focus on writing ‘Madre Sombra’. I have already started writing this morning, and have completed a page and a half. My goal today, then, is to… Continue reading

Day four update

Definitely getting back on a roll again, at least as far as new fiction is concerned. For the fourth day in a row I have been able to write five pages of fiction.… Continue reading

Day Three: Madre Sombra update.

Today was a pretty busy day for me. Had to drive my fiance to work, then drove to Eugene and back and didn’t get home until almost four. Nevertheless, I still did get… Continue reading

Day two goals

Okay, so I was only able to meet one of the day’s goals yesterday, but it was the most important one. Despite not being able to get it all done (keeping in mind that I… Continue reading

Some goals for the day

Okay, so today I am home with the kids all day, so I should be able to get some writing done. I thought I might make a list of the tasks I hope… Continue reading


It is the very thing that gives our life meaning. Without death, our own lives would seem less precious, we would take them for granted even more than we do now. We think… Continue reading

Some further thoughts on writing

j Despite my affirmation for horror writing in my last post, I must add that I am not limited to writing fiction alone. I am a student at a small community college in… Continue reading