Why I write Horror

It’s funny, you would think I would be a darker person, with the type of stuff I write, but I think most people are surprised when they find out I write horror. I… Continue reading

Writing notes

Damn, writing can be hard sometimes. Even if you love it, even if you have a knack for spinning words and phrases, it can be difficult to get the pen to the page… Continue reading

Excerpt from Madre Sombra

Madre Sombra By Marcus Julian She wore the face of the dead, leather skin stretched tight over her skull, a grinning mouth full of cracked and broken teeth while pale, nearly translucent hair… Continue reading

Excerpt from ‘Behind the Hill’

(Excerpt from Behind the Hill) It was the scent of damp earth that woke him, he could smell the rich loam pressed against his face and he knew that his fate was sealed.… Continue reading