Slowly returning to health

I have been sick for a couple weeks now. Starting to get more than a little frustrating, but then, I am not the only one in my town going through  this lingering illness.… Continue reading

Ugh…Illness strikes again

Just when I was getting ready to plunge back into my schedule, I got the throat bug my GF had, and have been laid low by it. So, for now, not really doing… Continue reading

Ahh, the Holidays

Well, it has been a little chaotic on the river this last week. First I was knocked down by a severe multi-day headache caused by a sinus infection and exacerbated by a minute… Continue reading

Sleeping in

Not sure what happened this morning, maybe it was the overnight snowfall, maybe the late-night conversation with my eldest daughter, but I was absolutely zonked this morning and was unable to get up… Continue reading

By the way…

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Back to work

Obviously, a lot of us were deeply affected by the Sandyhook Elementary School shootings, and for me, it just made me not want to write or do much of anything. However, it is… Continue reading

Today is not the day

Obviously, with everything that is going on in Connecticut  I am truly not in the right head space to do anything but think and pray for the families of all those affected in this… Continue reading

Work that schedule, baby!

I love the way things are going. This schedule is working out great. I haven’t been following it exactly like I had planned, but that is to be expected during the first week.… Continue reading

The Schedule: Part II

Well, I did pretty good yesterday. It didn’t go exactly how I planned, but I got a lot done and got a new story started. I guess the biggest thing that went different was the… Continue reading

A New Day

I decided over the weekend — after first discovering the Google Calendar feature — that I would try working with a schedule, something that I have always wanted to do, but have never… Continue reading